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Naval Weapons Station YorktownOccupying over 20 square miles of the Virginia Peninsula, the Naval Weapons Station of Yorktown, Virginia is situated between the cities of Williamsburg and Newport News. This Naval base provides storage of weapons and ammunition for the US Atlantic Fleet. However, the base’s operations also include loading, testing, and researching this equipment. The Yorktown Naval Weapons Station was established in 1918 as a response to World War I. The station joined the company of a number of military installments in the Hampton Roads area. Vessels were able to easily make their way into the station for loading, and the resources of the Norfolk Navy Yard, Navy Operating Base, and others were close-by. Officials also chose the base location for its easy access to railroad and shipping routes. The station continues to be easily accessible by train, but also through nearby airfields and highway systems, as well as by water. The site was at the forefront of weapons development during World War II, and created mines, ordinances, and other ammunition necessary to militaristic success on the battlefield. The Yorktown Station has also been responsible for the storage and supply of nuclear weapons, though this program has since been discontinued. Yorktown’s Naval Weapons Station continues to provide innovative weapons technology for the Atlantic Fleet and manages the introduction and equipping of vessels with a highly sophisticated repertoire of defensive and offensive necessities.

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The station’s location also provides a tremendous appreciation for the natural beauty of the surrounding York River shoreline. Yorktown itself has much to offer to history buffs, as it’s home to Revolutionary War battlefields, 18th century homes, and numerous festivals and events. Recreational activities include fishing and other marine-oriented enterprises as well as over 30 parks and facilities. The town also features quaint shops and a wide range of dining options. Children can enjoy delving into the area’s colonial history through a wide variety of programs sponsored by local museums and historical sites. The community boasts a vibrant cultural atmosphere, flowing beyond its colonial roots to include art galleries, performance venues, and year-round music. To spice things up, travel to Williamsburg and experience thrilling dips and turns at Busch Gardens or head to the bustling shoreline of Virginia Beach. Yorktown has everything you could need for a life full of adventure, relaxation, and knowledge, all at its doorstep.

Naval Weapons Station YorktownPurchasing a home in Yorktown will give you access to all the Historic Triangle and Hampton Roads region has to offer. Median home prices are incredibly reasonable, with averages of around $145,000. As is the standard, however, extravagant palatial homes can be found on the market nearing $2M, and fixer-uppers or starter homes are available for lower than $100k. Waterfront real estate comes at a premium, with prices easily over $1M, for even just land. Condominiums are also available in Yorktown. Prominent 55+ communities feature gorgeous villa living starting in the $290k’s. For families of any age, town home style condos are available in the low to mid $200k’s for 3 bedrooms, and down from there for less square footage. With a total population well under 100,000, Yorktown’s neighborhoods are friendly and community-oriented. Yorktown Village is an historical area with many attractive town homes and apartments. The Dandy neighborhood features homes in the $400k range and provides many waterfront properties and a suburban feel.

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