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Naval Amphibious Base Virginia BeachThe Naval Amphibious Base at Little Creek became known as the Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story on October 1, 2009. Little Creek was established during World War II as a prominent amphibious base focused on training and operational support for the US Navy. The base currently serves over 15,000 personnel and is the major operating base for the Amphibious Forces of the US Navy’s Atlantic Fleet. Located in the Hampton Roads region of Coastal Virginia, the base is not only functional, but embraces the beauty of Virginia’s natural landscape. Little Creek occupies roughly four miles of waterfront coastline and a combined seven miles of piers and wharfs. Though the base can boast about its personal golf course, the surrounding town of Norfolk, Virginia has plenty more to share.

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Golf isn’t the only amenity located within the town of Norfolk VA. Recreational parks can be used any day of the year in Virginia’s mild climate. With almost no chance of freezing, water activities are also plentiful in the town. Norfolk Virginia is almost completely surrounded by the Hampton Roads VA natural harbor and gorgeous Chesapeake Bay. The Norfolk Botanical Gardens showcases thousands upon thousands of local and exotic blooms to be enjoyed during any season as well as walking trails with unparalleled beauty. Unique shopping, dining, and entertainment options abound when you visit Norfolk’s Waterside Festival Marketplace. Norfolk VA shows its cultural influence through the presence of the Chrysler Museum of Art and Chrysler Hall, featuring the Virginia Symphony and touring Broadway shows. Naval Amphibious Base is also home to the Virginia Opera. To experience more of the city’s naval history, the Nauticus National Maritime Center docks the world’s largest battleship, the USS Wisconsin, and an opportunity to delve into historical Hampton Roads VA influence on the nation’s path. Sports enthusiasts can take in a Norfolk Tides AAA Baseball game at Harbor Park Stadium. This is a coastal town that blends urban amenities and culture with destination vacation style beaches and hometown friendliness.

Naval Amphibious Base Virginia BeachBeyond the enjoyment of Norfolk’s most beloved attractions, the town offers many reasons to call it home. The region’s largest medical center offers high quality medical care through the Naval Medical Center, located just next door in the neighboring town of Portsmouth VA. The Norfolk International Airport allows for family to easily visit or for you to start your vacation with a stress-free commute to the terminal. Norfolk has a multitude of neighborhoods within its borders, which means Norfolk VA Homes are available in a wide range of styles, prices, and options. Overall, median Norfolk Real Estate prices in the city are around $180,000 for a single family home, and $350,000 to over $1M for Norfolk VA Waterfront Homes. Fixer-uppers and starter homes can usually be found for around $100k. But with the right amount of research, you will find that each neighborhood’s prices are apt to be as diverse as their sentiment.

Homes in the popular neighborhood of Ghent are located within walking distance of Norfolk’s happening downtown commercial district. This neighborhood features plentiful dining, shopping, and entertainment options just outside your door. Most homes were built at the turn of the 20th century, and were constructed in the Victorian or Federal style. This is the perfect neighborhood for anyone looking to park the car and leave it for a while, as they stroll by foot from place to place. It’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy Naval Amphibious Base spectacular weather. While duplexes and apartments are available, most homes are in a single-family format. As homes are older, prices will vary depending on the restoration quality of the property. Fully-restored homes are in the range of the $600k’s, but fixer-uppers are much more affordable. Condominium properties are also available in the low range of $125k to the luxury range of around $225k.

For more waterfront options, the neighborhood of Granby Shores provides comparatively affordable properties. Even homes located more inland have immediate water access through the neighborhood’s system of creeks and canals. This is the perfect area for those looking to enjoy water activities. The quiet neighborhood has a wide variety of homes, from brick built ranches, to Cape Cod styles, and 2-story homes built in the 1940′s and 50′s. The majority of homes in this area are family-style with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a reasonable 1,100 to 1,900 square feet. Though homes go quickly here, fixer-uppers can still be found for around $110,000 and the cost of restored homes will increase from there depending on specifications.
The area of Willoughby beckons anyone looking for an ocean side community with spirit and history. Located right across Willoughby Bay from the Norfolk Naval Amphibious Base, this neighborhood is oceanfront living exemplified. Luxurious and palatial homes can be found in the upper price ranges of $600k to well over $1M. However, this neighborhood is also home to a number of affordable condos and the occasional bungalow, with prices under $100k for small or 1 to 2 bedroom options.

The list of Norfolk VA homes for sale goes on and on. With a history of over 400 years, this city is comprised of many, many neighborhoods, each with a distinct feel and numerous advantages. Whether you’re looking for a quaint beach cottage, a 2-story home on a spacious lot, or your dream house with views of Chesapeake Bay, the team at Stone Real Estate Services is here to help. Home prices are at an all-time low, making now the best time to buy. Norfolk is an ideal location for any family, but is especially welcoming to servicemen and their families. The area boasts a spectacular concentration of military families from bases throughout the region. The Stone Teams are top Naval Amphibious Base realtors and their experience throughout the Hampton Roads region makes them the perfect choice for any military family looking to relocate to Norfolk, VA and the Hampton Roads Virginia region. Let us help you find the perfect home, at the right price, in your ideal neighborhood. With the market rebounding quickly, act now before your dream home goes off the market! Get started today by clicking “home searches” at the top of this page or call us at (757)-565-1043.