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Newport News VA HomesFort Eustis VA real estate is now part of the Joint Base Langley- Fort Eustis VA, Fort Eustis VA is a 9000-acre Army facility located in enchanting Coastal Virginia. This historic Army installation is 3-miles north of Hampton on the Virginia Peninsula. The government first purchased this land in 1918 as part of the United States’ military build-up during World War I. In this area, the Army saw a diverse landscape, easy access to the James River and Chesapeake Bay, flat land, and the perfect opportunity for a training base. These same geographical characteristics are part of why the surrounding area, often referred to as the Hampton Roads region, have continued to thrive.

Unlike other joint bases formed by the Base Realignment and Closure directives issued by Congress in 2005, Fort Eustis VA and Langley Air Force Base are two physically distinct areas, separated by 17 miles. However, both bases are located within the region referred to as Hampton Roads, also the name for the surrounding body of water. The Hampton Roads metropolitan area is home to an incredible 1.7 million residents. With an extremely diverse population, Hampton Roads’ attractions and events include theme parks, recreation facilities, cultural centers, shopping malls, and more. The area is also home to a number of higher-learning institutions, including the College of William and Mary, Old Dominion University, Eastern Virginia Medical School, and Hampton University. With hundreds of miles of coastline, nautical activities are plentiful, including Naval history, boating, world-class fishing, or simply relaxing on a beautiful, sandy beach. As Hampton Roads is one of the few year-round ice-free harbors, these activities can be enjoyed year-round in Coastal Virginia’s mild climate.

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The Fort Eustis VA base itself is located in Newport News, Virginia. The town is in a prime location, with easy access to Williamsburg, Norfolk, neighboring Hampton, and just a short drive to Virginia Beach. However, Newport News has more than enough going on. The city has over 30 parks, including ample picnic locations, playgrounds, a disc golf course, archery range, and floral gardens. Rent a paddleboat in Newport News Park, or pick up a map to begin a Geocaching adventure. For educational enjoyment, visit the Virginia Living Museum, which houses a number of Virginia-local habitats under one roof. The Mariners’ Museum provides an examination of the region’s maritime history, including Civil War artifacts and the USS Monitor Center. Go back in time at Endview Plantation, where you can become a part of living history re-enactments. After taking in the local history, stop for your favorite cuisine at one of Newport News many local restaurants. Specialties include traditional Southern cuisine and, a Chesapeake favorite, seafood. The night doesn’t have to end with dinner. If you enjoy the nightlife, take in a show at the Ferguson Center for the Arts, the Peninsula Community Theater, or the Ella Fitzgerald Theater, where you’ll find any number of entertainment options to suit your taste.

Newport News VA HomesOnce you visit the Hampton Roads region, you’ll surely want to stay. Embrace the region as your own by purchasing Fort Eustis VA real estate. Homes are available in every price range, and with record lows, now is the perfect time to purchase. The Hampton Roads region is historically filled with opportunity and economic stability- which makes it the perfect place to call home for any family. Waterfront property is by no means scarce, which means you can find your ideal home along the water at an affordable price. Single family waterfront homes in Newport News can be found at bargains as low as $75k. Homes with larger lot sizes are also available in the $100k-$200k range. Inland homes, only located a stone’s throw from the coast, can be purchased for prices as low as $30k, if not lower. For those interested in condominium living, prices can also be found in the low $20k’s to the $200k’s. Many of Newport News’ condominiums feature a unique single-family home aesthetic, making you feel truly at home.

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With its incredible military concentration, Newport News VA and the surrounding Hampton Roads region is known for welcoming and accommodating soldiers and their families. Still, relocating is often a difficult process. Let Stone Team help by making your Fort Eustis VA transition a bit easier.